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The moving image and still image have always been brothers in arms, inspiring each other to great and greater heights. In aesthetics, technique and execution movies have an indelible impact on the visual vocabulary around us. Be it the windswept New York City, the silent protagonist of so many Woody Allen films, the visual poetry and poetic narrative of Akira Kurusawa, the sheer chutzpah of Terry Gilliam, the expert shadow play of Guru Dutt or the cinematic magic of Spielberg. Like many photographers and visual artists, I have been an obsessive student of film, watching Bergman and Kubrick films, among so many others, over and over, to understand the subtle nuances of sensitive camera work. This set of images has been taken from a wide range of subjects from my repertoire because they best illustrate the impact that movies have had on my work. By picking six directors, I have attempted to narrow a tremendously large playing field and focus on their inspiration in specific shots that I have taken in East and West, from Air shows in Chicago to monks in Sikkim. Tipping my hat and offering a bow to some irrefutable cinematic magic.