Festival Screening at 7:00pm - Sunday, 18th March, 2012
at The Amphitheatre, UB City

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Synopsis: Girish Kasarvalli's award-winning film (based on Amaresh Nugadoni's Savaari) applies a back and forth narrative to tell the story of gravedigger Irya and his belief in Siddhas, nomads whose arrival is considered auspicious. It is believed that if the death of a person coincides with the arrival of a Siddha, the soul is sure to go to heaven.

Irya and his wife are made known of their arrival through dreams. In fact for Irya, if a Siddha appears in his dream, it denotes a death in the village. However, once despite dreaming of a Siddha, Irya is told that there is no death in the village. He goes to the house of an ailing village elder, anticipating his death but is sent back by the caretaker saying all is well.

Director: Girish Kasaravalli

Cast: Vyjanath Biradar, Umashree & Sadashiv Brahmavar

Producer: Basanthkumar Patil

Genre: Drama

Language: Kannada

Country: India

Year: 2011

Runtime: 110 mins

Festival(s): MAMI International Film Festival | London Indian Film Festival 2011 | Locarno International Film Festival | Barcelona Film Festival | Indian Film Festival in Montreal | Asiatic Film Festival 2010 | International Film Festival of India, Goa | International Film Festival of Kerala | Cine Central Film Festival at Kolkatta | Chennai International Film Festival | Pune International Film Festival | Bengaluru International Film Festival | Mumbai Film Festival